The Dark Side of the Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier is typically a small, wiry and rather active breed of dog, or if you’re the Huddersfield Town mascot designer then maybe you see it as more of a fox-like character following it’s drastic image change over the last few years. Often seen fashioning a little red bow in it’s hair the common image of a Terrier is hardly one that I think many Town fans would want to associate with our great club. So, I took to my sketchbook and started to think of how I could change this and make the Terrier a more cool and appealing concept. I wanted to make a graphic that would look fierce and one that could sit proudly next to it’s Tiger and Lion rivals and I knew for this, I needed to find the dark side of the Terrier.


The design quickly began to take shape and I soon had the basic outline of my Terrier and following a few added flicks with my trusted brush pen I was soon ready to turn my illustration into vector format. The graphic looked ok on screen but I knew it was lacking a bit of weight so going back to my original sketch I was able to introduce some extra pencil shading around the insides that I thought gave it much more depth and character.

Then, by splitting the Terriers face down the middle into two shades and placing the graphic onto a darker background colour it really began to look more fearsome and mean. I soon started to play around with the different elements in Illustrator and looked at making some new logo concepts using my design. Personally I’d love to see the club go for a more simplistic approach with something like this but I know there aren’t many fans that would share that same opinion and would shudder at the thought of a more modernised logo, more fool them I say though.

In 2014 I donated this design to the North Stand Loyal (NSL) group in order to produce flags and t-shirts as they attempt to improve the match day atmosphere at Town. You can read more about the NSL group and the flags at