Simple and clean designs I'd like to see

As we are just a couple of weeks away from the 2016/17 kit launch I've been thinking about a few ideas of my own that I'd like to see implemented into the new strip for David Wagners Huddersfield Town. As a result I've designed six variations of Towns famous blue and white stripes all leaning towards a more clean and simple approach rather than trying to add any unnecessary style or template features that we've seen in past seasons.

All six of these kits feature mid to light blue and white stripes, white shorts and black socks. To me that should forever be our identity. The lighter shades of blues are not to be mistaken with the royal blues of Sheffield Wednesday, Brighton or Colchester, it's Huddersfield Town. The black socks, that are also a nice throw back to our history, also create more individuality for us.

I've also used my own refreshed version of the HTFC crest, removing the shield and stars and returning to a more traditional embroidered emblem for a classier look and feel.


huddersfield town kit design

Focussing on the pure basics of the blue and white stripes. No thrills or gimmicks just a simple and clean design that I think works well for us.


huddersfield town kit design

Splitting the shirt down the middle instead of having a single central stripe helps create something different to past designs without going to far over the top.


huddersfield town kit design

The thrice champions shirt. A subtle stripe within the blue splits the colour into three lines representing our three consecutive league titles.


huddersfield town kit design

Wider blocks of colour can also work well and although I prefer the thinner stripes I wouldn't be against this approachl if done right.


huddersfield town kit design

Another simple kit just using basics but with a deeper trim to add a bit of flare. Again, not too over the top but has something a little bit different to past shirts and kits.


huddersfield town kit design

Similar to the first design this focusses on the essentials but with a different cut and a slightly brighter blue. The plain shorts and socks make this more of a classic.

By Johnny Hildred