Fortune favours the brave. It’s a simple and well used saying, cliché to an extent, yet one that speaks volumes in many aspects of our lives. Whether it is in our work life, love life or social life – leaving your comfort zone and trying something new, something different, well it can bring us many rewards.

Fortune rarely favours those who sit back waiting for something to happen and watching Huddersfield Town under Chris Powell, far too often we have witnessed a manager who is overly reserved and not proactive.

The defeat to QPR is a hard one to take as neither side really deserved the win. Both sides were solid at the back and Town’s midfield three of Hogg, Whitehead and Butterfield controlled the game, with the later well ushered by QPR.  However, the extra quality of the opposition and the willingness to push for the win inevitably forced a mistake by Jason Davidson, which was pounced on.

Once again I left a football ground rueing the tactics employed by Town’s current manager. Not for the first time this season a side we were playing were there for the taking, yet the changes came too late in the game and by taking Nahki Wells off, it felt like Powell was settling for the point. Wells of course had a disappointing game but he is a constant threat and to take off your biggest threat and best striker at 0-0, well that hits me as being negative.

Some may argue that my view of Chris Powell is rather knee jerk to a defeat, but I do appreciate being reserved and defensive in the right situations. What I cannot accept is when being reserved in the way the side is set up, what some may call defensive, is the norm. Football fans want to be entertained and they want to see some endeavour.

What the fans got against QPR was a well drilled defensive unit that seemed at a loss in the final third of the pitch. Yet what can you really do with the attacking options that were on the pitch. There is Ishmael Miller; a striker who lacks movement, is poor in the air for a man of his size and lacks the quality to be a regular starter in this division. Then there is Sean Scannell; a winger who has had some sort of reincarnation under Chris Powell – yet the same issues still remain in that his end product isn’t good enough and his game awareness is poor. Finally Nahki Wells – a striker with bags of ability but with a first touch that repeatedly lets him down.

That means the remaining hours and days of the transfer window are key to how Huddersfield Town’s season pans out. There is money available, following the sale of Alex Smithies, to hopefully bring in a few more players. Town still require more quality up front, whilst the defence remains a concern especially with no competition for the full backs. It still remains to be seen whether there is the time to bring in some more players to improve the squad.

In a way I feel sorry for Chris Powell, he’s seeing the key members of his squad sold from underneath him as Dean Hoyle cuts his cloth to ease the economic burden on himself and to keep us under Financial Fair Play rules. He’s been given a remit to keep this side in the Championship and improve the league position on a budget that is ever dwindling but sees his best players sold on. It may be a fact of life for a football club in our position, yet it is disheartening at the same time.

Sadly it’s hard to sympathise with a manager when he has only won three of his last 23 games and we’re on a winless streak of ten. In a result driven business that cannot continue and with entertainment limited, the fans are becoming restless.

So it’s now time for Powell to step up to the plate and become a bit more adventurous in the style of football. If this doesn’t happen then not only may his job be on the line but so may Town’s position in this division.

Fortune favours the brave Chris, so be brave.

by @mrgregmarah


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