Town v Blackpool

12:15pm Saturday 2nd May 2015

Our Prediction

So the end of the season has arrived. Shame really, the last few weeks/months have been very good both from a results perspective and for entertainment value. Chris Powell has certainly turned me from a 'not so sure where we are heading' viewpoint, to more of a 'looking forward to another season of progression' viewpoint. We have some really good players here and with the addition of more of his own signings in the summer you can be hopeful that next year could be quite promising.

Anyway, there's one last match to go yet and it should be one we're looking to win. Yes they have a poor pitch, yes there's nothing to play for but pride, but come on Town, three points please. Before this run started I had this down as a turgid 0-0 affair but now we have a bit of momentum and a full away allocation sold I think we'll win it.

Blackpool 1 - 3 Town