One of Our Own

From standing on the terraces to running things in the boardroom, Dean Hoyle is a Terrier through and through.

He seems to have come under a bit of criticism of late, maybe rightly so but I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty of it all. The majority of fans though are fully behind him and I'm sure would like to show their gratitude for a man that has not only improved things massively from the dark days of administration and Ken Davy (yeah, remember the days with him at the helm with a first team consisting of Jon McKaliskey and under the management of Andy Ritchie? Now look at us and tell me we're not better off and improving!).

Anyway, I wanted this illustration to show how Dean is a massive part of Huddersfield Town as much as Huddersfield Town is a massive part of him. Maybe I also wanted to remind a few people that this guy who has spent £30,000,000 + of his own hard earned cash, and continues to spend more, is a fan just like any one of us lot who moan and groan when things don't quite go our way in what is proving to be a very competitive league. The emphasis on the H, making him the central point of the club emblem, along with a few of the flourishes from the logo are there to resemble how he is indeed 'one of our own!'

By Johnny Hildred