When the news that Huddersfield Town had sacked Chris Powell, I must admit that my heart sank. It wasn’t that Powell deserved to keep his job, for his time at the club would best be described as forgettable, but I will admit I reacted angrily because this was becoming a depressingly familiar routine.

We would sack a manager, replace them with a manager with a similar CV, and then sack the new man when the results failed to change, and then lather, rinse, repeat.

Huddersfield Town weren’t just occasional visitors to the managerial merry-go-round; we had season passes, we took our kids there, we proposed to our lovers as Gary Megson clung on for dear life as his horse gradually eroded under his weight. We had seen the ever hopeful, oh so familiar, glint in the eye of Alan Curbishley, as we weighed up our decision on who to take a hopeful punt on. In fact it wasn’t so much a managerial merry-go-round, as it was a rather depressing managerial dogs home. And we kept picking dogs who just sat in the corner, not even bothering to bark when the post arrived.

So, with this in mind, it was with a heavy heart I began to anticipate the next trip to the dog’s home. However, we decided to actually do something different. Huddersfield Town, are rarely thought of as a progressive club. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Huddersfield Town are just rarely thought of, full stop.

However, in appointing David Wagner, Huddersfield Town can certainly claim to have been forward thinking and progressive for the first time in years. His appointment potentially signals the end of Huddersfield Town as just another northern club, and is an opportunity for the club to be at the forefront of football in England.

The club went and found, above all else, a Coach. A man who understands the game, and knows how to pass that understanding on to players. A man who has worked with one the world's most highly regarded managers, Jurgen Klopp. So, rather than be predictable and return to a tired, but oddly trusted, method, the Huddersfield board took a bold and exciting new direction.

What David Wagner brings to the table might seem like common sense, namely: considerably fitter players, a sense of unity within a squad and a purposeful, effective playing philosophy.  However, these don't appear to have been considered by previous managers, or if they were they never really pulled it all together. It also doesn't seem to matter so much about the players anymore. Could this be the start of the 'cult of the manager' talking over at Huddersfield Town? It certainly seems that he is immediately trusted and vaunted by the members of the board and the fans.

His appointment potentially signals the end of Huddersfield Town as just another northern club, and is an opportunity for the club to be at the forefront of football in England.

It is, of course, very early days in his tenure, and things can quickly sour in football, but the early signs are incredibly positive. A team dominating possession, a dynamic passing game, backed up by the high pressure pressing that has proved so successful at other clubs, and a squad of previously average looking players suddenly appearing reinvigorated and ready to take on the league.

The "Wagner Revolution" has not only had all eyes on the Club, but has renewed and excited an increasingly deluded and disengaged fan base.

The club not only had to act to improve things on the pitch, but they desperately needed to change things in the stands. Fans had lost interest. Driven away by a combination of tedious football and ridiculous pricing.

So, along with taking a German approach to football, the club is now mooting a potential new ticket structure, that would make football affordable for fans.

The gloom that surrounded the club a few weeks ago has lifted, the fans are slowly returning, and I can only hope the results continue to come too.

Ultimately, if Huddersfield fans wanted endless success they wouldn't support Huddersfield. They want a team that will punch above their weight, a team of fighters, and a team that is worth watching (ideally at a decent price) I'll whisper it quietly, for now, but it seems like they might just be getting their wish.