If you have enjoyed any of our work in 2014 - whether it be our blogs, podcast or our fantastic works such as the squad stickers - then we would really appreciate it if you could vote for us in the 2014 Football Blog Awards.

Although we qualify for more than one, we are targeting the 'Best new football blog award' since we've only been going just a short while.

We're really up against it as there are many Premier League based blogs on the big clubs who have much higher following than us, so every vote will count! (Just ask Scotland)

How to vote...

There are three ways that you can vote for Thrice Champions.

1 - The FBA's website CLICK HERE

Simply enter 'Thrice Champions' under the 'NEW' blog category,after putting in your name and email. Afterwards go to your inbox and confirm your vote with the email you have received.

2 - Via Twitter

For those who tweet, simply post the following:

'I am voting in @TheFBAs for @HTAFCPodcast as Best #New Football Blog'

Please don't retweet that from some other persons twitter account but post it yourself as retweets don't count!

If you can't be bothered typing that out, just CLICK THIS LINK and press TWEET.

3 - Via Facebook.

Visit, like and vote on the Football Blogging Awards Facebook page and place your vote for Thrice Champions.

CLICK HERE to vote on Facebook

It would mean a lot to us who put in the hours to run this site if you would spare a few moments to vote for Thrice Champions.

We're up against blogs with several thousand more twitter followers and hits - But we hope that all Town fans can get behind us.

Similarly, we hope you go and vote for Danny at HTFC World in the 'Best #Club football blog'

Thank you!

For more information visit The Football Blogging Awards website. CLICK HERE