In August 1994, Huddersfield Town moved into a new home, leaving behind the old shell of their Leeds Road ground. This new home was to be a pioneer for future stadiums and one that offered Terriers fans so much hope and pride.

Of course, this being Huddersfield Town they would go on to lose their opening fixture to Wycombe 1-0 and have never really hit the heady heights the new stadium was built for.

However, amongst the doom and gloom of the relegation's, failed play-off and promotion bids along with administration in 2003, there are plenty of great moments we can celebrate having seen at what is now the John Smith's Stadium.

So to celebrate 20 years at our new home, we are looking to find your 20 favourite moments at our new ground.

Many thanks must go to our followers on twitter who have helped us compile the shortlist!.

The shortlist...

1 - Huddersfield Town 3-3 Oxford United during 1994/95 season.

2 - Andy Booth's volley against Rotherham.

3 - Marcus Stewart taking the ball on the volley after letting it come over his shoulder to only hit the bar.

4 - Loanee Andy Turner's screamer in the 1995/96 season.

5 - Ben Thornley’s debut after joining from Manchester United on loan.

6 - Stoke fans throwing snowballs at goalkeeper Tony Norman.

7 - The 7-1 thrashing of Crystal Palace in 1999/2000.

8 - Huddersfield Town 3-2 Brentford, with the winner coming in injury time.

9 - John McAliskey’s two late goals to earn Town victory v Scunthorpe in 2003/04.

10 - The Lincoln play-off game in 2003/04 with a crucial goal from Rob Edwards.

11 - Derby match v Bradford City where Barnes and Johnson turned it around in their promotion season.

12 - Marcus Stewart’s back heel against Sunderland.

13 - The Bournemouth play-off game in 2010/11.

14 - Jon Dyson pile driver vs Plymouth.

15 - Huddersfield Town v Barnsley 2012/13. Four sides of the ground singing "Yorkshire" as both sides avoid relegation in a 2-2 draw.

16 - Jon Stead’s deciding goal in a 3-2 victory v Leeds in 2013/14.

17 - Tony Carss volley v Torquay in 2003/04.

18 - Andy Holdsworth's winning header v Leeds, the same night Dean Hoyle came in as Chairman.

19 - Gary Taylor-Fletcher 500,000th Football League goal v Rotherham 2006/07.

20 - Chris Brandon’s winner v Premier League Birmingham in the FA Cup 2007/08.

21 - John Thorrington knocked out after being hit in the face by a ball v Cardiff.

22 - Paul Dalton’s goal v Stoke that started the Great Escape.

23 - Jordan Rhodes’ fastest ever headed hat-trick v Exeter City in 2009/10.

24 - Theo Robinson’s miss for Southend v Town in 2008/09.

25 - Andy Booth's last game at home v Brighton in 2008/09.

26 - Iain Dunn and the first ever golden goal v Lincoln in the 1994/95 season.

27 - Huddersfield Town 5-1 Cardiff. Five different scorers in 1994/95.

28 - Huddersfield Town v Oldham. Streaker who danced the Cossack.

29 - Pawel Abbott's offside goal v Lincoln 2003/04.

30 - Huddersfield Town v Millwall 2007/08. Fans from both sides singing "Where are ya" when fog descended.

Of course there will be some missing but we can't please everyone! To those who sent their suggestion in via twitter, thanks again for your help!

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